History of ABS

During the Late 1960s...

there was an apparent need for black organizations on the University of Missouri-Rolla Campus. With Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. being the only Black oriented organization not only on the UMR campus but in the city of Rolla, there were not many venues for expression for the growing minority community. Frank Winfield and Marvin McClain envisioned an organization to aid in giving black students an opportunity to develop and demonstrate black unity and pride in an environment where they were the minority while serving as a social outlet.

As a first step in the realization of this dream, McClain and Winfield requested the services of Dr. Lawrence Christensen as the first faculty advisor, and thus the Association of Black Students became a reality. Receiving massive support form members of the black community on the UMR campus as well as in the city of Rolla, ABS has illuminated the path to black culture consciousness and social diversity for over 50 years now. 

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