2013 Miner Challenge Trips

Biloxi, Mississippi- Early Childhood Education

Students on the 2013 trip to Biloxi, Mississippi participated in an experience that was focused on early childhood education. This trip was partnered with Community Collaborations and provided participants with the opportunity to work with children in head start programs.

Biloxi, Mississippi- Environmental Restoration

The Miner Challenge 2013 team to Biloxi, Mississippi focused on Environmental Restoration of the Gulf Coast. After the devastating effect of the Deep Water Horizon oil spill, hurricane Katrina, and other man made environmental effects the Gulf's ecosystem has been damaged. Students who participated on this team found themselves working on clean up efforts, restoring sand dunes, helping restore nature preserves and learning a lot about the ecosystem of the Gulf Coast. This team partnered with Community Collaborations to complete these projects.

Tom's River, New Jersey- Hurricane Sandy Relief

Those who participated in the 2013 team to Tom's River, New Jersey worked to provide relief efforts to residents impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Hurricane Sandy caused billions of dollars in damage to the East Coast, thousands of residents were displaced and entire neighborhoods were destroyed. Participants slept in a red cross shelter and worked side by side with impacted residents to provide relief aid and rehabilitation work for a week.