2014 Miner Challenge Trips


Jinotega, Nicaragua- Early Childhood Education

Trip Leader: Raheel Hassan

For the first time ever Miner Challenge provided the opportunity to travel abroad for an ASB trip! Students worked in Jinotega, Nicaragua, the second largest department of Nicaragua. The capital, “The City of Jinotega,” has a population of 50,000 located in the southern-most part of the department.  Situated in a large valley and surrounded by pine-covered mountains, Jinotega is known as the “La Ciudad de las Brumas,” or “The City of the Mist.” The city also provides coffee for 80% of Nicaragua and supplies numerous other countries, including Germany and the Netherlands. 

This year, Miner Challenge worked with Outreach360. Through Outreach 360, the students were also able to partner with local schools and provide further education for young students, including english, mathematics, science, and vocational skills. Students in Jinotega attended their normal classes during the day and Miner Challenge students held further programs during the afternoon. The purpose of the trip is to supplement the local student’s current education and give them and extra boost for when they are applying to secondary schools and eventually universities around the world!


Austin, Texas- Community Improvement and Hunger Relief

Trip Leader: Adam McMikle

One of the year's total experience trip for the Miner Challenge Alternative Spring Break program was based in Austin, Texas! The emphasis areas for the trip are education, poverty, and community development. On this trip, students worked alongside multiple service organizations to provide elementary children with after-school help and insight into what service means, do some landscaping and potential construction work for disabled/impoverished veterans, helped to recreate a local park for children to use, and worked in a food pantry. The plan was to make this trip dynamic and efficient in order to reach as many people as possible in our one week in Austin. 


Greeley, Colorado- Flood Disaster Relief

Trip Leader: Shelby McNeil

The Colorado team traveled to Greeley, Colorado to aid with Flood Relief Work. Miner Challenge worked with Community Collaborations (CC) again, taking a holistic approach to community recovery. In addition to homes directly impacted by the storm, local community organizations, such as food banks and after school programs, struggle to meet  the increased needs of their clients and constituents. Many of these organizations and their staff members have suffered direct impact from the flood.  CC International volunteers will work to help these organizations serve their constituents and get back on their feet.

Projects included, flood clean up, reconstruction, environmental restoration, tree planting, support for the elderly, support for people with special needs, and other projects that support ongoing community recovery.


Moore, Oklahoma- Tornado Disaster Relief

Trip Leader: Belinda Choi

Miner Challenge announced a new trip option this year! An abbreviated trip was offered to allow students a four day weekend at the end of their break. In Moore, Oklahoma, students worked with Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity and McFarlin United Methodist Church. The focus of the trip was to help out with the tornado disaster relief, which included building homes, distributing can goods, etc.