Biloxi, Mississippi

A team will be traveling to Biloxi, Mississippi where they will be working with local homeless shelters, food pantries, and a local women's shelter. The trip focus includes hunger and homelessness, with one day of environmental restoration. Many of the families in the area suffer from poverty and hunger as a result to past natural disasters. The group will be lending a hand and be working with those that suffer with these troubles on a daily basis. The goal of the week is to gain understanding of social issues that prevent those that are faced with these challenges from getting back on their feet. The trip is in collaboration with Community Collaborations International.

Dates: March 25th - April 1st

Trip Leader: Loya VanOrder

Trip Advisor: Zeshan Hyder

Focus: Hunger & Homelessness


  • Abdullah Felemban
  • Quinn Myers
  • Taylor sheldon
  • Dyaln Yegge
  • Terry Maxwell
  • Sonya Roberts
  • George Malinee
  • Shelby Stoner
  • Alex Kessel
  • Razan Alyamani
  • Alex Lodholz
  • Jonathan Colgan
  • Brooke Boulais