Santa Julia, Nicaragua

The international team will be heading to the rural community of Santa Julia in the mountains outside of Managua, Nicaragua, to tackle issues related to water access and sustainability. We will be partnering with Panorama Service Expeditions to address a strong need in the community as we work alongside the people of Santa Julia and share our stories. Potential projects include constructing water harvesters for rainwater collection and composters for use in coffee production.

Dates: January 3rd - 13th

Trip Leader: Sven Olberg

Trip Advisor: Jessica Haywood

Focus: Water Access & Sustainability


  • Delanie Degraeve
  • Vincent Parker
  • Kaitlyn Loucks
  • Joshua Cruzada
  • Michelle Mayhue
  • Lauren Bartram
  • Ashley Throop
  • Jared Hoffman
  • Christopher Turner
  • Monica Gehrig
  • Sarah Smedley