top: Thomas Jefferson Hall, Residential Commons, Miner Village, Buehler Hall; bottom: Keller One, Keller Two, Sally Hall, State Street Hall

About Us

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the student government organization that represents the residence halls and their respective local hall associations, including Thomas Jefferson Hall Association (TJHA), the Residential College Hall Association (RCHA), Miner Village Hall Association (MVHA), the Downtown Hall Association (DHA), and University Commons Hall Association (UCHA) at Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Together, this governing body takes the concerns of the residents and responds by keeping residents informed, providing informational programming and social events, and by being the voice of the residents to the Residential Life Department.

General assembly meetings are over for the semester, check back in the fall to learn more!

RHA operates using Robert's Rules of Order and the guidelines of Parlimentary Procedure set in the RHA constitution.

Our meetings are over for now, check back in August to find the meeting time and place. Anyone who lives in the residence halls is welcome to join us!