St. Pat's Committee

St. Pat's Committee is all about celebrating Rolla and Missouri S&T's biggest tradition - St. Pat's! Every year, RHA has hosted its annual Blarney Bash as part of the St. Pat's festivities. Blarney Bash is not just one event, it's a 4-day event spread out through many programs. Traditional events include the carnival, talent night, and late night breakfasts. The committee is in charge of planning, scheduling, and executing all Blarney Bash events. They will also work with local hall councils to get as many residential communities involved in St. Pat's festivities as possible. If you already have a love for St. Pat's or want to learn more about while celebrating a wonderful time of year, then St. Pat's Committee is a great choice for you!

Our meetings are over for now, check back in August to find the meeting time and place. Anyone who lives in the residence halls is welcome to join us!