Getting Involved

All residents are welcome to speak at RHA's general assembly meetings, held every Thursday at 6:30pm in Bertelsmeyer B10. If you want to take the next step and represent your residential complex as a voting member-at-large (MAL), you can run for that position at your local hall association meeting. There are 60 MAL positions within RHA's general assembly. Contact the following officers for more information on meeting times depending on which complex you live in.

Thomas Jefferson Hall Association


Residential Commons Hall Association

Brian Middleton |

University Commons Hall Association

Amanda Keeney |

Miner Village Hall Association

Fraser Head |

Downtown Hall Association


MALs are required to participate in one of five committees. Anybody living in the residence halls may participate in committee activities, regardless of their status as an MAL. For more information, visit the Committees page.

Our meetings are over for now, check back in August to find the meeting time and place. Anyone who lives in the residence halls is welcome to join us!