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The Shamrock Chapter has three committees devoted to strengthening the halls and/or strengthening NRHH as an organization. Below you will find a list of activities and events overseen by each committee in NRHH.


Outreach Committee

Public Relations: The Outreach committee is responsible for handling all chapter advertising and promotion.

Concession Stands: NRHH works each year at the concessions stand of home football games. This fundraiser helps to raise money for Leadership Trip and you can find members, including alumni, and students who help serve the fans of Missouri S&T.

Scholarship: The Outreach committee assists the Secretary/Treasurer in maintaining the NRHH Up and Coming Leadership Scholarship.

Semester Fundraiser: Each semester the Outreach committee with be responsible for organizing a fundraiser to benefit the chapter.

Resource Reps: Resource Reps are maintained and assisted by the Outreach Committee as they support Residential Life Staff and Hall Government.


Development Committee

Support Programming: Develop committee members sponsor, host, and support programming in the residence halls.

Development Program: It is the responsibility of the Development Committee to be responsible for all developmental efforts of the Shamrock Chapter of NRHH. This includes the facilitation of 'Development Days' each semester and constitutional reviews.

Leadership Trip Assistance: The Development Committee complete tasks as requested by the Leadership Trip Chair.

Service Project: The Development Committee supports the Service Chair with the organization of one or more service projects each semester.


Recognition Committee

Of The Month Awards (OTMS): An OTM is a way of giving recognition to a deserving individual or group that has worked hard on improving or enhancing the students' experience in the residence halls. The committee is responsible for coordinating OTMs and OTM presentations for hall government meetings as well as assuring that OTM recipients are recognized.

Recognition Bulletin Boards: Recognition Posters can be found at an open location in each hall. Each month NRHH updates these posters with OTM winners, NRHH news, and hall recognition updates.

Recognition Days: Once a month, NRHH members recognize those who make difference on campus. Whether we're recognizing cafeteria workers, custodians, professional staff, or even student leaders NRHH goes out of its way to make these individuals feel special.

Finals Kits: Finals Kits are a way NRHH recognizes hall leaders for what they've done as well as well as help to promote their academics. These are handed out at the end of each semester during Dead Week, right before finals.



Leadership Trip: Leadership Trip is used to train both incoming and upcoming leaders in the halls. Its one of NRHH's oldest traditions and one of it's most famous, winning the National Student Award for Leadership Training at NACURH 2010.

Leadership Lock-In: Lock-In is the follow-up event to Leadership Trip held in the beginning of the Spring Semester. It's used to reconnect with all of our residence hall leaders and teach them the next step of making a difference in the halls.


NRHH Photo Archive: The Photo Archive is a collection of all past photos taken of NRHH and other hall events. This resource is updated with the assistance of the Shamrock Chapter members who collect photos of programs and events each year.

Hall Association & RA Relations: All members regularly attend Hall Association and Resident Assistant staff meetings giving NRHH reports, helping to give insight to members on issues, and offering Leadership Development activities.

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