History of the Shamrock Chapter

In 1954, Iowa State University held the first annual leadership conference for Colleges and University Residence Hall students across the nation. Since then, it has grown and become known as the National Association of College and Universtiy Residence Halls, Inc. (NACURH).

In 1964, NACURH found itself with financial difficulties and the National Chair searched out grants to help fund the organization, ending with the creation of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). During its preliminary years, NRHH chapters focused on recognition of the residence hall leaders on their campuses. This helped sustain a consistent membership in on-campus organizations as well as on the regional and national levels within NACURH.

Today, NRHH has grown to have over 200 affiliated chapters and encompasses four pillars chapters seek to fulfill; Leadership, Recognition, Scholastics, and Service.

At Missouri S&T, the Shamrock Chapter has been active since 1984 when it was founded with a starting total of six members. For over thirty years the chapter has worked to develop traditions such as Of the Month Awards and Leadership Trip to better benefit the students of our residence halls. The main tenants that encompass the chapter's activities are to Promote NRHH and its standing principals, Develop up and coming leaders for the future of the residence halls, and Recognize those who work to make a difference for our students.

To review more about our chapter, please refer to the Missouri S&T Shamrock Chapter Constitution or the Activities & Events page.

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