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The Shamrock Chapter consists of up to twenty of our most dynamic and experienced hall leaders. These members are separated into three committees designed to better serve our three tenants; Promote, Develop, & Recognize. Our membership is as follows:

Active Members: Members who live in on-campus housing who can vote, hold office, and take care of routine business.

Active Alumni Members: Members who live in off- campus housing who can vote, hold office, and take care of routine business. These members must have been inducted while living in an on-campus residence and they must be approved by the NRHH Active Members to have a vote as outlined in the Chapter Constitution.

Early Alumni Members: Members who live in the residence halls but have chosen to go inactive and accept early alumni status. All Early Alumni Members must be approved by the MACURH AD of NRHH.

Alumni Members: Members who have benefited the residence halls significantly, but have left the university or residence halls.

Honorary Members: This honor was created to recognize those individuals from the community and campus who have made significant contributions to the residence halls over an extended time who are not otherwise eligible for membership.

Selection of new members is done at the end of each semester. These individuals must have a minimum GPA of 2.75, reside at least two full semesters in on-campus housing, and must exhibit outstanding leadership and service within the residence halls.

To review more about our chapter, please refer to the Missouri S&T Shamrock Chapter Constitution or the Activities & Events page.

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