About Thomas Jefferson Hall Association (TJHA)

What is TJHA?

Thomas Jefferson Hall Association (TJHA) is the student government organization dedicated to bettering Thomas Jefferson (TJ) Hall and the lives of its students. We do this by funding programs and events for the residents, coordinating with other student organizations, and creating a fun and friendly environment.

When is TJHA?

TJHA meets as a general body every other Wednesday. All meetings begin at 7:07pm in the TJ South Lounge.

How do I join?

Anyone who lives in TJ can attend meetings (they are for your benefit!), but it is the active member who really makes a difference. Each floor has student representatives called ‘Governors’ that are elected by the students of their respective floor at a floor meeting in August (generally just after upperclassmen move-in). Two Governors are elected per floor in South Tower, while it is two per wing in North Tower (four total per floor in the North). Backups are also needed to serve as fill-ins or to step up if a Governor is no longer able to fulfill their duty.

What does a Governor do?

Governors represent their fellow floor mates’ opinions whenever items (such as budgets) are voted on or discussed in meetings. They are also a resource to their RA’s and to TJHA. As a Governor you are required to attend regular meetings and to hold a position on one of TJHA’s internal committees. Each committee serves a different purpose, be it creating events or having a hand in upholding campus tradition. Those who serve as Governors will also have the opportunity to run for Executive office of TJHA at the end of the academic year.

What are the Committees?

The committees of TJHA each serve a general purpose. The committees and what they do are delegated by the TJHA Constitution (link in files). As a general list, the committees are: Food, Hall Improvement and Retention Committee (HIRC), Traditions, and Programming. There is also an Intramural Manager and Co-Manager who oversee intramural efforts within TJHA.

Interested? Before you show up, here are some meeting guidelines.

Please keep all phones silent for the duration of the meeting. TJHA operates using Robert's Rules of Order. There is to be no side chatter, talking out of turn, and absolutely no personal attacks. When someone is presenting before the assembly, all distractions are to be put away and your attention needs to be undivided. If you want to speak, raise your hand and you will be put on the speakers list; when the VP signals you, put your hand down, and you will be called on soon. Everyone who hasn’t had a turn to speak will be put on the speakers list. Each person is allowed to speak two times per item (and two times per amendment).


The year is just beginning!

Nominations and elections for chair positions and RHA MALs will take place at our next meeting! Be sure to run!

Be sure to attend the following RHA meeting! Learn more about what is happening on campus for all of ResLife! Meet the officers of our parent organization and the representatives for each of the other local hall associations!

*Page last updated 8/30/2015

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